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CNU Salons are the source to get the latest on all the CNU happenings. CNU Staff, members, and guest bloggers alike contribute blogs and stories regarding the most pertinent news in the New Urbanist movement. Login to your account and share news about how New Urbanism is advancing in your community, ask for advice on a project, or engage in lively debate in an online community that helps to shape our real-life communities.

CNU Chapters bring CNU's message home at the metropolitan, state, and multi-state levels. They provide new ways to take part in the movement, while enhancing the opportunity for public and professional education and networking.

Member Profiles (members-only)
CNU's member profiles allow members to find other members who have similar interests or who live in their region. Update your member profile with your most current info, and share your most recent salon post or contribution to the image bank.

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